5 Reasons Automated Checkout Is Revolutionizing E-commerce Trends

Curious how to boost cart conversions? Let us show you why the top retailers are investing in automated checkout.
Curious how to boost cart conversions? Let us show you why the top retailers are investing in automated checkout.

Automated checkout solutions have proven to be the next trend of e-commerce technology. Every year, more online retailers integrate these experiences into their checkout flow. This adoption is primarily driven by businesses looking to enhance customer shopping experiences and reduce cart abandonment rates. In fact, studies show that approximately 52% of online shoppers give up on a purchase when the checkout experience takes more than 2 minutes. But did you know that the average time to complete a checkout in North America is 3 minutes?

This means we’re seeing customers abandon their carts before completing a purchase. This is likely due to a lengthy and complicated checkout process. The takeaway? Automated checkout trends are starting to shape the future of online retail. Let’s dive into how and why.

1. The power of form filling 

AI Form filling solutions rely on stored information and machine learning algorithms to auto-populate fields in forms, contracts, and now even in checkout information. These are absolute game-changers in the e-commerce landscape. These smart autofill technologies, whether integrated directly into websites or into browser extensions, give users a quick and seamless checkout experience. Notably, we’ve seen these quick checkout experiences become popular on mobile with the LastPass safari extension or embedded into Shopify stores with ShopPay. In fact, when used, ShopPay can lift conversion by 50% when compared to guest checkout. 

2. One-Click checkout with Bolt

E-commerce checkout solutions like Bolt Payments, have been a key player in helping B2B brands build a better relationship with their customers. Their one-click checkout feature allows users to complete their purchases with a single click, rather than manually entering all of their information. These solutions show an increase in customer satisfaction and significantly boost conversions. As a result, businesses like Benefit Cosmetics UK are seeing 24.2% higher checkout conversion rates.

3. Embracing the cashback revolution

Cashback and coupon apps offer automated discounts and rewards to users who shop online. Most of these rewards or coupons can be applied at just the click of a button - no more fumbling around to find coupon codes or clipping newspaper ads. Studies show that 79% of shoppers are more likely to complete a purchase if they receive an award. These apps encourage customer loyalty and repeat business - and it’s all automated.

Companies like Sleek offer cashback solutions along with cart automations.

4. Chrome extensions are redefining shopping convenience

With Chrome extensions, users are able to enjoy the convenience of smart autofill from right within their browser. Seamless checkout experiences are made possible with Autofill API integrations from offerings like Sleek, which provides solutions for smart autofill and cashback, without any custom embedding. These types of integrations empower shoppers to complete transactions quickly and efficiently on their laptops.

5. Safari extensions: smart autofill for iOS

Safari browser mobile extensions are bringing the power of automated checkout to mobile users. These extensions are tailored to mobile platforms, appealing to shoppers who make purchases on their smartphones or other mobile devices. 

Studies show that mobile commerce sales account for a little over 40% of all e-commerce sales. Knowing this, it’s hard to say that mobile doesn’t matter. That’s why Sleek is the perfect fit for companies who want to offer solutions in the mobile extension space. 

E-commerce is constantly evolving, and businesses need to continue adapting their technology to stay relevant and competitive. Embracing new experiences like automated form filling is an easy way to enhance customer experiences while driving increased conversions and loyalty. 

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