How To Drive Purchases On Black Friday

This post describes the importance of Black Friday shopping, and how you can get the best discounts to your shoppers.
This post describes the importance of Black Friday shopping, and how you can get the best discounts to your shoppers.

Black Friday is right around the corner! Every year on Black Friday, shoppers expect incredible deals and savings on everyday purchases. Many consumers even wait to do most of their shopping, until Black Friday. As you get ready for Black Friday, your focus should shift toward meeting these user expectations, while continuing to drive growth and meet your annual goals. 

This blog post dives into the significant role that cashback deals can play on Black Friday. We’ll also talk about how you can leverage Sleek’s custom mobile extension SDKs to offer personalized cash back deals that best meet your business goals. Together, we can help you create a win-win scenario for all retailers and shoppers involved. 

History of Black Friday

The phrase “Black Friday” was modernized to the way we use it today - associated with deals, and shopping in the late 1980s.  This is because retailers opted to reframe this day, that used to be associated with a darker past. Now, we denote Black Friday as being the day that turns retailer profit margins from red to black.  

The Black Friday Craze

Black Friday is more than just traditional percentage-based discounts. In fact, cash back has recently played a huge role in shopping experiences. With maximized cash back during black friday, your business can meet consumer expectations, and drive massive amounts of net-new and repeat sales. We know people are shopping, so let’s give them what they want. 

  • Almost 13% of all retail sales in the US occur between Black Friday and Christmas
  • The average American saves 24% on Black Friday 
  • Cyberweek starts on Thanksgiving and ends on Cyber Monday. Adobe expects Cyberweek to bring in almost 17% more revenue than last year. 

We’re already starting to see shopping revenue climb as we enter the holiday season (source: Adobe Analytics)

Graph from Adobe Analytics shows retail revenue starting to climb to about $3B daily.

How Sleek Can Help

Sleek works with you to build a white-label custom web-based chrome or mobile-based safari extension that offers cash back and quick checkout options seamlessly across 1000s of retailers. These cash back options take the place of discounts and coupons, but can have even greater impact to shoppers. 

For the week of Black Friday, one of Sleek’s clients,, is choosing to offer 2x cashback on all offers for new users. Super chose to tap into Sleek’s preferred network of cash-back partners (though all of Sleek’s clients have the option to bring their own partners). This means for a limited amount of time, their users are getting deals like:

  • Macy’s cashback: 6%
  • Kroger cashback: 8%
  • Columbia Sportswear cashback: 26%
  • Mejuri cashback: 10%
  • Old Navy cashback: 8%
  • Glossier cashback: 12% 
  • Michaels cashback: 4%
  • JCPenney cashback: 3%...
  • Any 1000s more

Sometimes we see people branding cashback as a discount - things like a Michaels discount or a Michaels coupon. While we acknowledge that cash back is its own form of discount, cash back is best utilized alongside transparency. Let you users know when they’ve qualified for cashback, let them know when they can redeem, and offer multiple options for redemption. Sleek can help with all of this as we provide a full suite of APIs for implementation. 

The most savvy shoppers will stack rewards as much as possible. Shoppers during Black Friday do everything they can to maximize their discounts and rewards on spending. With Sleek, shoppers can stack sitewide discounts and sales, with credit card cash back, plus Sleek cash back rewards on top of that!

Interested in learning more about how you can offer massive cashback deals? Contact us at or request a demo!

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