Unleashing the Power of Custom Checkout

This blog dives into the benefits of Checkout APIs and integrate with Autofill APIs from Sleek.
This blog dives into the benefits of Checkout APIs and integrate with Autofill APIs from Sleek.

The Checkout Process

E-commerce isn’t the only place where consumers are transacting — there are streaming subscription services, gaming platforms, mindfulness apps, and more. As more of our lives continue to be interwoven into digital experiences, a seamless payment process is required. With digital wallets, virtual cards, cryptocurrency, buy now pay later, credit cards, bank deposits, payment providers like PayPal - the options are endless. 

Build for Your Users

As these options grow, consumers are hardening their requirements around ease of use, efficiency, and security. So how do you know what’s best for your users? 

It’s important to ensure that you’re taking the right steps when processing payments to allow for a unified transaction experience that allows businesses to manage their payment processing and orders effectively.

Understand What They Need

The first thing is to make sure you understand your customers and what is required from them. Do you need both a billing and a shipping address? Do you need full payment upfront? Are most of your customers lower income and less likely to have credit cards? 

Understand Your Business 

The second thing is to ensure that you’ve looked at your product holistically in order to meet the needs of your business. What do credit card fees look like? Is shipping free?

Most important here, however, is to make sure you’ve nailed down what type of payment model you’re working with - are guests required to be signed in? Is the flow for first-time buyers different than recurring buyers? 

Understand Your Analytics 

And the third thing is to make sure you have analytics in place to understand where your customers might currently be falling off the funnel. Are they leaving during the checkout flow and if so, where?

It’s imperative that your payment flow only includes the necessary steps required to get the customer to value. Provide guest checkout where possible, but also make it easy for a customer to make an account and have their information saved. Focus on making the experience seamless with as minimal friction as possible. If the payment is through a TV, is there a way for the user to do it through their phone or laptop instead?

Custom Checkouts with Checkout APIs

You have the power to build a checkout that is best suited to your needs. There are multiple payment providers, checkout suites, and full flow models that you can incorporate into your payment flow. Checkout APIs typically manifest as a set of payment or user checkout functionality that business can integrate into their stores, sites, or apps. These Apis are typically used in order to provide secure and seamless payment collection, transaction authorization, current conversion, and checkout customization.

1. Streamlined Checkout Page

Using a checkout API can empower businesses to create a user-friendly and efficient checkout page. Customers can quickly enter their payment details, shipping information, and order preferences. Typically this results in reduced cart abandonment rates and improved conversion rates.

2. Enhanced Payment Methods

With a checkout API, you can offer a wide range of payment methods to you customers. From card payments to digital wallets, your API of choice should support multiple payment options, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

3. Real-time Payment Processing

No more waiting for payment authorizations and confirmations. Many checkout APIs offer real-time payment processing, providing customers with instant payment status updates and order confirmations.

4. Robust Checkout Session Management

Checkout sessions, facilitated by the checkout API, are essential for tracking customer interactions and managing payments. The API provides detailed checkout session objects that allow businesses to monitor transactions and address any issues promptly.

There are many Checkout APIs to choose from - including popular ones like Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Square, and more. Whichever you choose, don't forget to integrate with a provider like Sleek, who can elevate your checkout process to be fully customizable for your customer and your use cases.

Autofill APIs with Sleek 

Autofill APIs from Sleek help elevate and drive your existing checkout infrastructure. Sleek offers multiple options to bring smart, AI-driven autofill directly into your checkout. This means that your users no longer need to input their information directly.

Autofill cards directly using Sleek's Autofill API

Sleeks Autofill API is easy to use, and secure. The API is flexible too, allowing you to integrate, expand, or rebuild any existing or new checkout flows.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at or request a demo!

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